A little about us

When it comes to Christmas gifting, support the emerging businesses in Ireland that work tirelessly to bring you the highest quality products. Bia Beauty promises to nourish your skin this Christmas and beyond. With our skin absorbing 60% of what we apply to it it’s important to ‘feed’ it with the best ingredients. So, with the help of Mother Nature Bia Beauty have delivered products that are 100% natural, highly effective and beautifully packaged.

As a herbal scientist based in Cork, Tracey Ryan has an abundance of fresh ingredients right on her doorstep that she generously hopes to share with the world through her products.

The ingredients used include a selection of fruits, nuts and seed oils, cocoa butters, coconut butters, aromatic spices and fragrant essential oils and any preservatives in the products are entirely plant derived. So, feed your skin this Christmas!